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Possible signs of cavern life.

There are sounds of scratching at the cavern doors. Could it be?? Check here to see the latest developments.



Аватар пользователя Leonardo

PhotoQuest Remembered - Doorways result and new contest

Shorah explorers!!

It's time for a new round of the GoMe PhotoQuest Remembered Contest!

But first, the announcements of the last one:
For the Doorways Category we had just a few entries, but they very well done :D

The First place goes to laughingpineapple with the image "The door is a lie"

Which gained an average vote of 8.8 (10 is max)

The Second place goes to Corvus with her image "No Trepassing"

With an average vote of 7.8

And the Third place goes to Nanouk_Metal with "Doorway to more Mysteries. lol"

With an average vote of 6.8

As  said earlier, it's time for a new contest round!!
The Category/theme of this month is lighting! There are tons of nice light sources on Uru and MystV :D
The Contest will start today and will end on Sunday October 25th. We will keep receving the vote till Sunday November 1st, to allow the "last minute" images to be voted. Читать дальше

Аватар пользователя Leonardo

PhotoQuest Remembered - Abandoned Results and Changes

Shorah explorers!

The Contest Team of the Guild of Messengers is proud to announce the winners of the PhotoQuest Remembered Contest - Abandoned Category.
We usually post our announcements on the GoMe Newspaper (Where R U Uru?), but (as you may have noticed) there has been no August issue. The Newspaper Team took a little break for summer, but the September issue will be out ASAP!

However, back to the Contest:
The PhotoQuest Remembered Contest category, Abandoned, had some very 'thoughtful' images entered. No junkyard clunkers at all!

After a few days of thoughts our 3 Judges all voted for the same image, agreeing that it was the most abandonement-inspiring picture:
"Art is Never Finished, only abandoned" - Leonardo Da Vinci

An image submitted by Nerf Bludgeon, who, with this entry, wins our PhotoQuest Remembered Contest for the second time consecutively! His previous image,A Tree Grows in the Desert, was from the Cleft, too. It seems to be a very special place for all the Explorers, full of meanings.

The second place goes to Grass grows on a fallen illusion by laughingpineapple, also winner of our first PhotoQuest Remembered Contest Stone Category.

And the third place goes to Impaled Bahro Skeleton- Gahreesen prison by our Messenger Nanouk_Metal!

We want to thank our 3 Judges for this Contest: Nynaveve, JWPlatt and Silverdragonesse Читать дальше

Аватар пользователя Leonardo

GoMe Contest - PhotoQuest Remembered

Hear ye! Hear Ye! Official GoMe Contest - PhotoQuest Remembered!!!

The PhotoQuest Remembered Image competition to celebrate the hugely successful In Cavern Photo Quest event is Open.

We need both Contestants and Judges!! All the instructions to participate in PhotoQuest Remembered can be found in our Tutorial, here.

Please follow the rules here.

Each monthly contest start will coincide with the issue of the Newspaper and run for approximately 3 weeks, with the last week (the 4th), prior to the next issue, for judging.
In order to participate, you will need an account at GoMe. Registration is quick, easy, and secure. Simply click here and follow the instructions. 

The May contest 'Category' for all submitted images is STONE.

Deadline for submitting Images and Judging Requests: June 16th (we will close the doors in the late evening UTC time).

Аватар пользователя Theremin

Assembler Needed for Guild of Messengers Newspaper

 The Guild of Messengers Newspaper is looking for an intrepid explorer to help assemble their newspaper. If you would like to help in this capacity, please visit the Guild of Messengers forum at www.guildofmessengers.com, or email us at gomenewsletter@gmail.com.

No advanced experience necessary, just a willingness to work with us in providing news to the Myst community.

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